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  "Dental appliances or sleep apnea mouthpieces, can effectively treat Obstructive Seep Apnea (OSA) and snoring. A sleep apnea mouthpiece can be a good CPAP alternative">

Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece

Sleep apnea mouthpieces (Dental Appliances) are FDA approved. When used correctly a sleep apnea mouthpiece can effectively treat Obstructive Seep Apnea (OSA) and snoring.

Sleep apnea mouthpieces are worn while you sleep. The mouthpiece is designed to advance the lower jaw and keep air flowing. This repositioning of the jaw helps prevent collapse and blockage of the airway. Dental appliance mouthpieces are effective immediately.

Benefits of a Sleep Apnea mouthpiece

  • safe, proven, FDA approved
  • easy to use, and effective immediately
  • drink, and talk while wearing it
  • custom fit for comfort
  • sleep in any position
  • more affordable than other sleep apnea treatments

Is a sleep apnea mouthpiece a good CPAP alternative?

We regularly meet sleep apnea patients looking for CPAP alternatives. The main complaint about a CPAP is that they are uncomfortable and get in the way during sleep. While a CPAP is a necessary option for some sleep apnea cases, many people with sleep apnea can replace their CPAP machine with a sleep apnea mouthpiece.

Is a sleep apnea mouthpiece comfortable?

Sleep apnea mouthpieces from Sausalito Dentistry are custom fit for more comfort and effectiveness.

How do I get a sleep apnea mouth piece

In order to purchase a dental appliance to treat sleep apnea, you must first be diagnosed with sleep apnea. The doctor who provides the diagnosis must state that a sleep apnea dental appliance is a suitable option for you. Once you have the diagnosis, sleep apnea dentist Dr. Lee or Dr. Atkinson can create a custom fitting sleep apnea mouthpiece for you.

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Sleep apnea mouthpieces work by opening the bite and gently advancing the jaw to increase airflow while you sleep.Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece Diagram

Sleep Apnea & Snoring Mouthpieces are available at Sausalito Dentistry.
Sleep Apnea mouthpiece and Snoring mouthpiece offered by Sausalito Dentistry

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