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Dr. Patrick Lee

Patient Services

Patient Comfort

Even though we love to be loved, we get it that a visit to the dentist is not always an eagerly anticipated event on one’s “to do” list. Toward that end, we work very hard to ensure that your visit is both productive and comfortable, even satisfying! We start with the comfort of knowledge: our patient’s are always educated as to the where’s, when’s, why’s and how-much’s of their proposed treatment before any services are rendered, and ongoing services are always explained. We continue with the comfort of service: we actively solicit your wishes, desires, and expectations because they are essential to our understanding of how you like things done. We treat with the comfort of training and technique: our experience and patience with the dental treatment we are providing allows for comfort, and, ultimately, relaxation. And, of course, oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and headphones can, when needed, make everything just a little better!

Family Dentistry

Dr. Lee has been providing dental care in Marin for the entire family for over 20 years. He began his career as a pediatric dentist in Switzerland, and has incorporated this unique training and experience into his family dental care. His emphasis on treatment for the whole family helps all family members to understand together the nature of health and disease, allowing mutual reinforcement and greater chances for success. Our staff is well trained to care for the youngest and the youngest at heart.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Studies show that, after the eyes, a beautiful smile is the most noticeable feature of one’s appearance. We understand and embrace this fact. That’s why we offer every available technology, from porcelain veneers and bonding to one hour in office whitening, and work with meticulous detail to match shades, shapes and function of each case we treat. All our cosmetic cases are photographed before treatment, to discuss desires and possibilities, and after treatment, to evaluate results. 

Please go to our section on "Cosmetic Dentistry" to see some of our favorite esthetic cases.

Restorative Dentistry and Tooth Replacement

Whether you need a small filling or full dentures, we provide all services to restore to health, beauty and function all conditions of tooth wear and loss. Our restorative approach is comprehensive, one that considers all factors that may have contributed to the tooth wear or loss, then designs treatment programs that will restore and stabilize for the long term. We have worked with the same excellent local dental laboratories for over 18 years making crowns, bridges, dentures, and implants to ensure that excellence and quality is always the final result.

Sleep Medicine/Oral Appliance Therapy

We provide treatment for snoring, sleep disordered breathing, and apnea. We know that, as dental care providers, we are uniquely qualified to help in the diagnosis and treatment of these sleep disorders, which are increasingly recognized as potentially contributing to serious emotional and physical ailments in both children and adults, and we provide a full range of services to help detect and alleviate them. We also use or knowledge of oral appliance therapies to diagnose and treat bruxism and in increasing athletic performance with custom mouth guards.